Can I complete My Potentia on my desktop?

No. My Potentia is accessed on an android tablet.  My Potentia does not assume any level of prior learning. This includes the use of a computer and related hardware such as a mouse.  You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to do this.


Will my company need to purchase special equipment?

My Potentia is completed on an android tablet. We will provide you with the required tablet specifications and a link to download the My Potentia software. Comprehensive instructions for installing it on your own hardware will be provided. We’re happy to discuss assisting you with the purchase of tablets with My Potentia pre-loaded.


Will someone be able to assist to implement My Potentia into our business?

The team at My Potentia will assist you to implement My Potentia in your workplace. You will also be provided with detailed administrator information to help you through the set up and assessment process. Our team is committed to support you with any queries.


How will our business receive candidate reports?

A report for each candidate will be electronically generated and your nominated administrator will be able to download and print them.


Is this a new assessment?

My Potentia is a digitised adaptation of the Q Test, a well-established and respected psychological assessment instrument used widely across a range of industries.


Will I need IT support to set up My Potentia for my business?

No. My Potentia is downloaded to a tablet, ready for candidate use.


Can my candidates complete My Potentia if we can’t access the internet?

Yes. Candidates can complete My Potentia on a tablet pre-loaded with the assessment. When the administrator is able to access the internet, the assessment results can be uploaded and a candidate report will be provided.


How many candidates can I test at one time?

We recommend a maximum of 10 candidates are assessed under the supervision of 1 administrator.


Do I need a specially trained assessor/administrator/supervisor to oversee the delivery of My Potentia?

There are no qualifications or complicated training required. We will provide you with detailed administrator guidelines outlining the requirements of the assessor/administrator.


Do candidates need to complete My Potentia in a classroom?

You will need to provide a suitable room where candidates can complete My Potentia without interruptions or distractions, similar to a test or interview situation. Detailed guidelines will be provided to you.


How long will it take to complete My Potentia?

Generally it will take approximately 1 hour for a candidate to complete My Potentia. However, an important aspect of My Potentia is that there are no time restrictions and candidates complete the assessment at their own pace.


What do I do if my candidates don’t understand what to do?

My Potentia has been validated across a wide variety of candidates. It would be unusual that a candidate cannot understand how to complete the tasks. However, the team at My Potentia would like to hear from you if this occurs and we can recommend further assistance or support for your candidate.


Can My Potentia be used with any language group?

Yes. My Potentia does not use any written or spoken language for instructions and does not require the candidate to use any language to respond.


Will results/reports be confidential?

Reports will be automatically generated and advised to an email address that your business nominates. We would recommend that you follow procedures determined by your business, in relation to confidentiality.


If candidates complete My Potentia more than once, will their results improve?

If My Potentia is administered again within a short time span there is a chance that there will be some practice effect. Therefore we recommend results remain valid for about 12 months and retesting within that time only occur if special circumstances exist. (The person was very ill when tested the first time)

As this is a test of potential, not achievement, most peoples’ results remain very consistent over time.