The integration of My Potentia in the selection and recruitment process can help businesses to save time and money. Recruitment and skilling of staff can be an expensive, time consuming process impacting across the whole business. The cost of recruitment is an accepted aspect of doing business and training people is an investment that businesses are willing to make if there is a level of confidence that the person has the capability to successfully complete the training. My Potentia provides your business with the insight into whether a candidate has the capability (potential) to be able to successfully fulfil the requirements of a role and complete necessary training courses and education programs.

Save time, save money, recruit right.

Out with the old

Typical assessment methods for job selection and placement include:

* interviews
* written job applications
* tests and psychometric assessments,
* requiring a level of literacy, previous * training or education
* prior relevant work experience

All of these assessment methods can inherently present a bias against people with language, literacy and numeracy related issues, low levels of education, lack of second language fluency, social barriers or cultural issues.

Good candidates may be disregarded due to not being able to perform in standard assessment processes.

Recruiting the right people is integral to the success of your business. The inappropriate selection of people can lead to:

* High turnover of employees
* Increased recruitment costs for
* replacement of staff
* Increased time requirements related to recruitment processes
* Loss of training investment
* Loss of productivity
* Increase in risk-taking/unsafe behaviours
* Loss of corporate knowledge

My Potentia also helps identify the suitability of candidates changing from one role to another, with distinctly different skill sets.

Don’t gamble with the success of your business, My Potentia can help.

Start recruiting right

My Potentia will provide you with an insight into a person’s potential and show you what they are capable of achieving in relation to knowledge acquisition, training and application of skilling on the job.

My Potentia supports the selection of the right people, with capability or trainability potential, enabling alignment to appropriate training, education and suitable employment. Imbedded in the recruitment process, My Potentia provides a stress-free approach for both candidate and recruiter. It not only measures a person’s capacity for training and education but supports appropriate alignment to role.

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