Valid. Fair. Reliable.

My Potentia is the world’s most accessible and only comprehensive digital assessment tool for measuring a person’s potential, capability and trainability without the requirement of language, literacy, numeracy or any level of formal education.

My Potentia will provide a valid, fair and reliable insight into a candidate’s suitable education, training and employment pathway based on their measured capability and identified strengths.

Heritage and Pedigree.

My Potentia is the online version of the Q Test, which has a long and proven track-record as a successful assessment tool and draws on the expertise of respected psychologists. It has been established through many years of research that performance on the Q Test is predictive of an individual’s ability to successfully learn and apply complex new skills.

My Potentia’s digital access enables successful employee and/or trainee selection with reliable, predictive validity.

No language, cultural or educational barriers.


My Potentia requires no spoken or written language from the administrator or participant. This removes any inherent language bias, second language interference or unintentional additional support from the person administering the assessment.

My Potentia is culture fair. The assessment does not include any symbols, icons or gestures that may be familiar to a particular culture, region or country. It therefore is free of cultural bias.

No level of literacy or prior learning is required. The person completing My Potentia does not require any level of literacy or numeracy skills in order to complete the test and can still be assessed accurately. Candidates do not require any experience in a ’test’ environment.

My Potentia does not require administrators (assessors) to complete specialist training.

Online accessibility enables candidates to complete My Potentia in any country or region, enabling global application.

My Potentia does not require administrators (assessors) to complete specialist training.

Communication within My Potentia is via a series of non-verbal hand gestures.

Confidential candidate reports are provided electronically.

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