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Own the Future of Inclusive Talent Assessment

My Potentia – A Revolutionary Cognitive Capability Assessment Tool for Sale

Democratised Talent Identification

My Potentia stands at the forefront of cognitive capability assessment, an innovative digital solution that removes bias in the assessment and screening process.

It’s language-free, culture-fair and doesn’t require a minimum level of education, making it accessible and fair to everyone.  My Potentia democratises talent identification across the globe, to:

  • Improve retention and turnover and job satisfaction outcomes
  • Create safer and more productive workplaces
  • Improve training completion outcomes
  • Identify existing talent to support workplace succession planning

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Key Features

Gamified Experience Gamified Experience
Gamified Experience
Engages candidates with six distinctive tests, designed to progressively challenge and assess key cognitive abilities.
Universal Accessibility Universal Accessibility
Universal Accessibility
A language-free, culture-fair platform, eliminating biases associated with traditional assessments.
Innovative Approach Innovative Approach
Innovative Approach
Ensures potential is the only metric of evaluation by removing reliance on verbal or written instructions.
Robust Interface & Algorithms Robust Interface & Algorithms
Robust Interface & Algorithms
Intuitive digital interface powered by sophisticated algorithms for accurate data capture and analysis.
Detailed Reporting Detailed Reporting
Detailed Reporting
Offers in-depth reports aligning candidates’ abilities with job roles or educational paths, supported by historical data to inform strategic decisions.
Workforce Planning Workforce Planning
Workforce Planning
Designed to meet the future needs of a globally interconnected and culturally diverse workforce.

Why My Potentia?

Industry Benchmarks Industry Benchmarks
Industry Benchmarks
Establishes standardized benchmarks for workforce development,
Workforce Quality and Retention Workforce Quality and Retention
Workforce Quality and Retention
Reliably aligns capability to job role requirements, significantly impacting improved training and retention outcomes.
Educational Alignment Educational Alignment
Educational Alignment
Helps align students with suitable career paths and related education and training programs based on their cognitive abilities.
Strategic Insights Strategic Insights
Strategic Insights
Offers valuable aggregated data, with the capacity to inform government and organizational investments in education and training.

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